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Do You Forget To Ask These Five Questions When Interested In Buying In A Complex?

Motivated buyers have a lot of decisions to make. They have to decide where they want to live, the type of home, the size, and last but certainly not least, the price they are willing to pay for it all. So what are four questions that a buyer should ask to save time in case their agent isn’t on top of their game?

The first question they should ask if interested in a unit is whether or not the complex is in litigation. This is because it greatly affects their ability to buy. If the complex is in litigation, buyers please be ready to make that offer all cash.

You should then ask what the owner occupancy ratio is because if it isn’t over 50%, it may be nearly impossible to get financing.

Third, it would be smart to ask what percentage of the complex is delinquent on HOA payments. If it reaches 16%, that is 16% or more are late on HOA payments, then it would also be nearly impossible to get financing. Read the rest of this entry »

If You Haven’t Had Your Espresso Or Drip Coffee In Any Of These Three Cafes, Then You’re Not Awake

Love Coffee? Here’s a couple places you may or may not know about.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea is a company that seems to be expanding even throughout this recession. Peet’s has stayed predominantly on the west coast and downtown San Jose is fortunate to have one at 66 W. Santa Clara Street. You won’t find any light roasts here but you will find roasts that are strong, bold, and full-bodied. If you like the sound of classical music as well the taste of coffee with substance, this is the place to be.

Caffe Trieste is another shop that is worth visiting more than once. This spot is located at 315 S 1st St. You might get a sense of Italian Pride here partly because of the soccer jerseys and maps of northern Italy hanging on the walls. Espresso in this cafe is smooth and contains a tasteful balance in terms of acidity. Trieste has a little outdoor seating area next to the street adding to the laid back Italian vibe. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Reasons Why Condo/Townhome Living Is Desirable

5 Reasons To Live In San Jose COndo/TownhomesThere is an incredible amount of reasons why condo/townhome living is more attractive than for example, living in a house. It would be impossible to name them all especially since everyone has their own personal opinions. However, I believe that most people can agree on these five reasons of why condo/townhome living is truly desirable.

1) Little To No Maintenace

First off, there is very little to no maintenance that need to be taken care of such as mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, checking the PH level for your pool…etc. Maintenance consists of two things, time and hassle. If you live in a condo or a townhome, you won’t have to go through the trouble of asking your friends and neighbors who the most trustworthy plumber is at the best price. Typically there is an on-site handyman that you won’t have to micro manage when he/she is making the repairs in your unit.

2) Shared Amenities

Secondly, there are shared amenities. Depending on the complex you live in, you may not have to drive to the gym because you might possibly have one below you or within walking distance in the complex. Read the rest of this entry »

Downtown SJ Condos/Townhomes Sold In Past Week (95112, 95110, 95126)

Address City Beds Baths DOM LOE SqFt $/SqFt HOA List Price Age Sale Price
 801 Modern Ice Dr #173   San Jose   3   2|1  56   105   1,391   $300.58   $213   $418,102   1   $418,102  
 144 S 3Rd St #335   San Jose   2   2|2  43   33   1,421   $285.01   $462   $425,000   14   $405,000  
 202 Kentdale Pl   San Jose   3   2|1  245   50   1,581   $195.45   $238   $339,000   6   $309,000  
 743 Northrup St   San Jose   2   2|0  109   52   1,095   $272.15   $239   $279,900   6   $298,000  
 30 E Julian St #204   San Jose   1   1|0  174   40   838   $274.46   $333   $249,000   11   $230,000  
 500 Shadowgraph Dr   San Jose   2   2|0  99   22   871   $236.51   $228   $206,000   24   $206,000  
 1550 Technology Dr #4020   San Jose   1   1|0  40   84   1,070   $191.59   $400   $205,000   6   $205,000  
 1310 Saddle Rack St #430   San Jose   1   1|0  197   41   1,175   $171.57   $342   $227,900   7   $201,600  
 882 La Barbera Dr   San Jose   2   2|0  100   36   987   $202.63   $275   $210,900   26   $200,000  
 1550 Technology Dr #3020   San Jose   1   1|0  59   154   1,070   $177.57   $376   $219,888   6   $190,000  
 1550 Technology Dr #1060   San Jose   1   1|0  71   43   914   $196.94   $315   $185,900   6   $180,000  
 516 Martha St #202   San Jose   1   1|0  51   27   652   $230.06   $321   $132,900   11   $150,000  
AVERAGE VALUES     104   57   1,089   $227.88   $312   $258,291   10   $249,392  


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