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11 Myths About Credit Reports

Here it is…

credit cards

People have strong opinions about credit and how it affects each of us. You hear people putting their two-sense in almost every conversation when this topic is brought up. How much of what they are saying is actually true? Read the rest of this entry »

Useful Tips For Sellers

What do you think are the most popular improvements made to a property before sellers list with an agent?  Is it the kitchen? The backyard? Watch this video and find out!

This Month In Real Estate Of September 2011

Sellers, let me know if you’ve made these same improvements, and buyers let me know how much of a difference these improvements make in your decision to make an offer. Leave your comments below!


Sales In The Past Month 8/9/11-9/9/11

Interested in what condos/townhomes have been sold in Downtown San Jose this past month?

According the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) the following is a summary of units that have sold in the zip codes: 95110, 95112, 95126.  Additional Information such as specific details about each property are also included after the chart. Check it out…

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What Are The Consequences Of A Short Sale And Foreclosure?

During a down market, homeowners are faced with decisions such as doing a shortsale, letting their property go, or continuing to pay their headache of a mortgage. In his article, “Life After Short Sales and Foreclosures,” Lender Dave Setti of Turnkey Mortgage explains how going through a short sale or foreclosure affects your credit as well as the time you must wait to be a homeowner once again…

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Curious As To Who Pays What Closing Costs?

I’ve helped many people both clients and non-clients with a variety of questions they’ve had. One question is who pays for closing costs? Sometimes they don’t ask this question because let’s face it, during the midst of finding their dream home, they have so many things running through their mind that they forget. Hopefully this will help you as a buyer, seller, agent, or anyone for that matter to have the ability to answer this question with ease.

Depending on the county, closing costs for a real estate transaction must be paid either by the buyer, the seller, or both. It’s important as a party in a transaction to be well aware of who pays for what. By clicking here, you can find out these exact details for every county in California. For example, if you are purchasing the perfect condo downtown, as a buyer you should know that the seller pays for a majority of the closing costs.  Purchasing a home is, for most people, the biggest transaction they will have made in their entire life, and this gem of a document shows exactly who pays for what in closing costs. Don’t forget to Subscribe!

Why Won’t Your House Sell?

This is a great article on the common problems that stand in the way of a house selling within a decent time period at a decent price. We all know that there are many reasons as to why selling a home can be time-intensive  and perhaps a little difficult whether you are an agent or a homeowner. But have you figured out why it’s taking so for yor home to get sold? Here are your answers… Read the rest of this entry »

Do You Recognize These 6 Warning Signs That You Should Move Up From Condo Living?

Eventually people are going to realize that downtown condo living just isn’t cutting it anymore. This of course doesn’t apply to all condo owners but definitely a good number of them. So how do you know if it’s your time to move up? Well if the answer isn’t clear then perhaps these 6 warning signs might prove to be a little helpful.

1) Family

If you and your spouse are talking about having kids or if you already have a couple, this could be a sign that your family needs more space.

2) Noise

Complexes downtown are bound to be around a lot of noise. Maybe this is the reason you moved downtown in the first place. Who could blame you? There’s a lot of action, cars constantly whizzing by, and flashing lights. It’s not uncommon to get used to this atmosphere, and yet it wouldn’t be uncommon to want to get away from it all. Read the rest of this entry »

Do You Forget To Ask These Five Questions When Interested In Buying In A Complex?

Motivated buyers have a lot of decisions to make. They have to decide where they want to live, the type of home, the size, and last but certainly not least, the price they are willing to pay for it all. So what are four questions that a buyer should ask to save time in case their agent isn’t on top of their game?

The first question they should ask if interested in a unit is whether or not the complex is in litigation. This is because it greatly affects their ability to buy. If the complex is in litigation, buyers please be ready to make that offer all cash.

You should then ask what the owner occupancy ratio is because if it isn’t over 50%, it may be nearly impossible to get financing.

Third, it would be smart to ask what percentage of the complex is delinquent on HOA payments. If it reaches 16%, that is 16% or more are late on HOA payments, then it would also be nearly impossible to get financing. Read the rest of this entry »