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The Selling Experience

Interested in some quick stats about the selling experience? Here they are…sold

Home was listed more than 2 months (median:
28 weeks) before opening escrow
• Median escrow length was 1.5 months
• Only 40% of sellers closed escrow on time
• 20% of sellers used electronic signature
  • Home was listed more than 2 months (median: 28 weeks) before opening escrow
  • Median escrow length was 1.5 months
  • Only 40% of sellers closed escrow on time
  • 20% of sellers used electronic signature Read the rest of this entry »

This Month In Real Estate: December 2011

Quick Statistics And News You Can Use


The national average interest rate is incredible right now. What are your thoughts about selling a home yourself versus hiring a real estate professional to do it for you? Leave a comment or contact me, and you can tell me about your experiences. Don’t forget to subscribe!

4 Reasons Why Now Is A Good Time To Buy

From The Lenders’ Perspective

Lenders' Perspective

On every Tuesday morning, we have an hour long office meeting. Our in-house lenders talk for about 10-15 minutes about the latest market updates. They talk about current interest rates as well as the newest guidelines that can greatly affect potential buyers nationwide. During the most recent office meeting, the first thing they told us was what question they’ve been faced with the most; “When do you think is a good time to purchase a home?” So they came up with their own four reasons why now is a good time to buy. Can you guess all four?

Their reasons are… Read the rest of this entry »

FHA Ceiling Raised!

So What Does This Actually Mean?


Financing through FHA (Federal Housing Administration) has been very attractive because of the low down aspect of it, especially for first time home buyers. Up until recently, the FHA ceiling was set for homes purchased up to $625,500. In other words, you could buy a home that costs $625,500 with low down through FHA financing. Read the rest of this entry »

For Homeowners With Bank of America Loans

Bank of America Helping Out

Bank of America

Are you a homeowner who is lacking professional advice about the distressed situation you’re in? It’s easy to get quick little tips from

the person next door or from your hair stylist about what a short sale is versus a foreclosure. What isn’t easy is getting more than just general definitions of each route. The options, the process, and the consequences, of a major decision, are really what homeowners in distress care about.

I went to a short sale synergy group just yesterday, which had two people from Bank of America talk about the components of their short sale system. In addition, they shared a link and told us to share it with anyone we feel might find Read the rest of this entry »

Calif. Expected Home Price Recovery In 2012

What Do You Think?

Home Prices Rising

In my 18 years as a Realtor, I’ve learned that it is almost impossible to predict human behavior. Another thing that’s extremely difficult to predict is this economy. Highly paid economists couldn’t even have predicted that our economy would alter into the current state that it’s in. However, I believe that because of how the market is today, economists are Read the rest of this entry »

This Month In Real Estate: November 2011

Are You Ready To Stop Paying Your Landlord’s Mortgage?


Whether you are a first-time home buyer or not, contact me so that we can figure out the options you have in the current market.

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30 E. Julian #307

The Plaza

The Plaza

Located at The Plaza, this corner unit has one bedroom and one full bathroom. It also has a spacious balcony and one underground designated parking spot. You can walk to the HP Pavilion, the movie theatre, restaurants, and much more. For additional information on this current listing of mine, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can also view more details by clicking here.

Obama’s “New” H.A.R.P.

Update on the New Refinance Plan – Will it work for You?  Plus Rate update.

Fannie and Freddie

You may have heard that the Obama administration has passed a plan to help more people refinance their mortgages that were unable to before.  Just in the past 24 hours, I’ve heard various news sources and people in the business who have inaccurate or incomplete data on this. Today I met with the lenders I work with often, who gave me the breakdown on what exactly the new provisions mean.  Here is the link with their notes for you:  H.A.R.P.

Bottom line is this will help marginally more people – it’s still a limited pool. Contact me for more details and don’t forget to subscribe!

This Month In Real Estate For October

Are you wondering what the average interest rate was for a 30-year fixed morgage last month? Or how about things you can do to “winterize” your home? Watch the following clip, and you will get the answers to these questions and many more.




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