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Go Warriors and Go Sharks!!!

Farmer’s Market is Back!

Located on San Pedro…

Downtown San Jose’s Farmer’s Market is back until November 20th. Feel free to purchase fresh produce, listen to fantastic music, connect with various companies, and have a delicious lunch every Friday from 10 a.m. to I recommend having a Poke Bowl!

Farmer's Market



























It’s always great to see downtown San Jose streets filled with its residents and others that commute to work here. Downtown is growing with new restaurants, shops, upscale apartment/condo buildings, and much more.

For more info about the Farmer’s Market go to:

Feel free to let us know what you enjoy most about the Farmer’s Market in Downtown San Jose. Hope you’re getting to enjoy the end of this beautiful Spring season!



Whole Foods On The Alameda!

Whole Foods Market Logo


If you’re like us, you’ve probably driven by this Whole Foods time and time again, wondering when/if it will ever open. Wonder no more…Whole Foods on the Alameda is now open! While central San Jose is continuing to grow and develop, having a well-known company like Whole Foods on the Alameda is great for the community and the people in it. For information on Read the rest of this entry »

Are You Prepared?


The Sky From Last Night

The Sky From Last Night


It’s hard to believe we’ll be experiencing one of the biggest storms in the Bay Area. For a while, the weather in our area has been beautiful while California as a whole is going through a drought. There’s no doubt we need this rain. We know that this isn’t specific to downtown San Jose, but we want people to be prepared for this storm as much as possible. We came across a post from the sfgate blog announcing “how to prepare for the big Bay Area storm.” After reading through the list, we realized there’s a lot more people can do/have to be prepared. Without further ado, Here is sfgate blog’s list for preparing for the storm that we are already experiencing.



— Do not drive through flooded areas. It’s hard to tell what’s beneath the water’s surface or how deep it is.

— Be vigilant driving on roads where the flood waters have receded; roads could be weakened by the rains.

— If your windshield wipers are on, your headlights should be too.

— Gas up your car now before the storm hits.

— In the unlikely event a power line falls on your car, stay inside the vehicle and wait for a trained professional to help you.

— Stay alert for vehicle hydroplaning.

— Gently apply brakes and avoid sharp turns.

— Leave extra distance between your car and the next motorist.

— Open the window a crack if you’re caught in stalled traffic to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.


— Bottled water — The Red Cross recommends one gallon per person per day. If the power goes out, you may not be able to use well water if electricity to the pump isn’t flowing, or flooding may contaminate your water source.

— Nonperishable food

— Flashlights and extra batteries

— Candles and matches

— Toilet paper — You never realize how much you need toilet paper until you don’t have any.

— Cash — If your local stores lose power, they may stay open but credit card readers won’t work.

— A fully charged cell phone — Now is not the time to let your battery go into the red zone. Backup chargers that don’t require electricity are also a good idea.

— A battery-operated radio


— Make sure they have enough food (and water).

— Designate an emergency pet sitter if you can’t get home due to weather.

— Make sure your pet is wearing an ID tag or is microchipped. Scared pets can run off during storms.

— Bring outdoor pets indoors for the duration of the storm.

Please stay safe out there! How else are you preparing?

Downtown S.J. Is Growing!

What’s Going On Where?

You’ve probably noticed those giant cranes and loud noises coming from different construction sites downtown. If you aren’t incredibly in tune with what’s going on downtown, have no fear. We’ve got maps to show you what the current development projects are and where they’re taking place. It’s exciting for us to see first-hand how much Downtown San Jose has changed over the years. There’s a demand for places to live in our fine area and developers have been listening to this demand. Part of why there’s new construction is that overall, the real estate market has been improving since 2012. It’s a trend that hardly ever changes, but sometimes we forget to acknowledge it. Think of it this way: Good Real Estate Market = New Construction and Bad Real Estate Market = Little to No New Construction. Makes sense right?

As Silicon Valley continues to be the Tech Hub of the world, Read the rest of this entry »

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Broadway San Jose


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


What do you say to a colleague of yours when they ask if you’d like to watch a broadway show with them? My first instinct Read the rest of this entry »

“Our Food Is Soul Good”

Lillie Mae’s House of Soul Food!

House of Soul Food

House of Soul Food

Just yesterday, a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to get some lunch with him. Little did I know, we’d be embarking on one of the most unforgettable lunches ever.

From the moment we got out of the car, Read the rest of this entry »

Closed Unit At the Plaza!

30 E. Julian Street #112

Final Closing Price of $410,000.00

Unit #112

Unit #112

Unit Entry

Unit Entry

Fantastic condo at The Plaza! This is a spacious 2 bedroom unit with a large patio area. The ceilings are high and there’s plenty of natural light that pours in. The Plaza is a secured building with 2 parking spots in underground secured parking. Only minutes from shops, entertainment, restaurants, the San Jose Airport, and major freeways. Located in the heart of Downtown San Jose, this is a real catch. Don’t miss out on seeing this beautiful condo. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Italian Festa 2012


Italian Flag

The 32nd annual Italian Festa 2012 will be taking place on August 25th and 26th. This is going to be a fantastic event located at Guadalupe River Park & Gardens in downtown San Jose. For those of you who haven’t been to the Italian Festa before, there will be delicious authentic Italian foods, live entertainment, arts and crafts, and much more! What’s the cost of admission to the Italian Festa you ask? It’s absolutely free! So come on out, bring the whole family, and get to know the people of our amazing community and all those who appreciate this annual event.

A message about the event from the Italian American Heritage Foundation website:

PROCEEDS: The Italian Family Festa is sponsored by the Italian American Heritage Foundation (IAHF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit. All proceeds from the Festa help us maintain and promote Italian history in the Santa Clara Valley area. In addition, the proceeds allow us to continue and enhance our Read the rest of this entry »

The 88

Living In The Heart of Downtown San Jose

Street View of The 88

Street View of The 88

How would you feel living in a 22-story building with a 72-foot lap pool, a marvelous barbecue area, billiards room, well-equipped gym, a luxurious Read the rest of this entry »