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How Do Buyers Use Social Media In The Home Buying Process?

According to a Survey the California Association of Realtors Conducted…Social Media

Only 52% of buyers used social media. However, there are 6 common activities that those buyers used social media for. The following are the activities and the percent of buyers who actually engaged in them:

  1. Agent Referrals33%
  2. Video Home Tours26%
  3. Agent Facebook Page24% Read the rest of this entry »

What Exactly Comes With The Sale?

Watch Below To Find Out!


It’s important to have an agent who’s on top of all of the details. Purchasing a home is Read the rest of this entry »

Who Pays For What In Closing Costs?

The answer to this question may come easy to you, but Santa Clara is a unique county…


It’s important for all parties in a transaction Read the rest of this entry »

Take Advantage Of This While You Can!

You’ve probably noticed it and/or have witnessed your friends, family, co-workers…etc. experience it.Interest Rates At Historical Lows

I came across an article in the San Jose Mercury News, which basically reminds us how these near record low mortgage rates won’t last forever.

“That’s because Congress late last year tied a payroll tax-break extension for millions of workers to what amounts to a new hidden tax on anyone who takes out a mortgage or refinances their home loan.” – Amy Fontinelle

Fontinelle’s article, “Winter’s Record-low Mortgage Rates Could Increase Thanks To Congress,” Read the rest of this entry »

3 Repairs/Improvements Required When Buying Or Selling A Home

To Learn What These 3 Repairs/Improvements Are, Watch Today’s Clip!


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59 Carnegie Square

Just Closed!

59 Carnegie Square

Not only did we just close on this property, but our client was a first time home buyer who was able to get a loan through FHA (Federal Housing Administration). This meant that she was able to purchase this home with low down, which has been Read the rest of this entry »

San Jose Metro Rent Hike Taking Number 1 Spot

No. 1 In The United States

san jose skyline

By the end of 2011, the San Jose Metropolitan area had beaten out Read the rest of this entry »

Downtown San Jose Market Update

I want to share with all of you some statistics and updates about the Downtown San Jose condo market. Enjoy!


What are your impressions of this update? Did you find the statistics helpful? Contact me, and tell me your thoughts about the downtown condo market. I’d love to hear your perspective. Don’t forget to subscribe!

This Month In Real Estate Jan. 2012

Quick Video On Home Sales Activity, Avg. National Interest Rate, Seasonal Transactions and More…


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Feel On Top Of The World!

Short Clip Of The View From The Axis





Have you ever been inside this high rise? It’s more than likely Read the rest of this entry »