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4 Reasons Why Now Is A Good Time To Buy

From The Lenders’ Perspective

Lenders' Perspective

On every Tuesday morning, we have an hour long office meeting. Our in-house lenders talk for about 10-15 minutes about the latest market updates. They talk about current interest rates as well as the newest guidelines that can greatly affect potential buyers nationwide. During the most recent office meeting, the first thing they told us was what question they’ve been faced with the most; “When do you think is a good time to purchase a home?” So they came up with their own four reasons why now is a good time to buy. Can you guess all four?

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3 Simple Reasons To Speak To A Lender

And They Are…

1. Calculations: They will let you know what you can or can’t afford after taking a look at your entire financial picture. When they tell you what’s feasible for you as a home buyer, you can save yourself and/or your spouse time by looking in the price range that fits your scenario.

st. james

2. Pre-Approval Letter: You might see a property that you want to make an offer on but the sellers require a pre-approval letter sent along with the offer. The lender can supply this document to you. It states how much you can afford taking into account the different financial options that pertain to you.

3. Counseling: Even if you can’t buy now, a good lender will give you advice and perhaps come up with a  plan so that you will be on track to make a purchase in the near future.

I have a fantastic lender who I know and trust. They are extremely knowledgeable and go above and beyond with their services. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish to get connected with them.

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FHA Ceiling Raised!

So What Does This Actually Mean?


Financing through FHA (Federal Housing Administration) has been very attractive because of the low down aspect of it, especially for first time home buyers. Up until recently, the FHA ceiling was set for homes purchased up to $625,500. In other words, you could buy a home that costs $625,500 with low down through FHA financing. Read the rest of this entry »

This Month In Real Estate: November 2011

Are You Ready To Stop Paying Your Landlord’s Mortgage?


Whether you are a first-time home buyer or not, contact me so that we can figure out the options you have in the current market.

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Short Sale Listing Closed!

The Sonora


We recently closed on a listing at The Sonora located at 1550 Technology Drive San Jose, CA. 95110. The unit is a nice little condo that includes one bedroom, one bathroom, and a nice balcony. Within the complex, there is a pool, a spa, a work-out facility, underground secured parking, Read the rest of this entry »

The 3 Rules Of Real Estate

Odds Are, You Probably Know Them

And the 3 rules are…location, location, location! If you live in downtown San Jose, you are definitely aware of these 3 rules. The 88 is right in the center of all the action downtown, and this video clip does a great job of showing how much residents at The 88 appreciate it. Enjoy!


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Plant 51 Open House

Model Tours, Refreshments, and Food?

Count me in! Plant 51 has proved to be a building that many residents of Downtown San Jose has either seen or heard about. It has that urban vibe mixed with original parts of the cannery, which gives the complex a “cool” factor. I have a passion for being extremely knowledgeable about condos and townhomes downtown, so you can bet I’m going to be there.

Plant 51 logo

Plant 51

The Plant 51 open house will occur on November 6 from 12-3pm. I’m going to encourage all of you to attend and get a flavor of what it’s like living in this particular building. If you are going, contact me and let me know! It should be a good time, and I can also answer any questions you might have about condos, townhomes, neighborhoods…etc. that are nearby. Oh and if you already didn’t know, Plant 51 is located at 734 The Alameda. See you there!

Video Clip: 7 Deadly Sins Of Buying A Condo

Buyers, This One’s For You.


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Secret On the Boulevard

Have You Heard?

The Boulevard Homes

If you haven’t, you will now. Building two of the Spanish-influenced architecture, the Boulevard by Shea Homes, will be released this Saturday, October 22 at 10 a.m. These beautiful homes are going to be worth checking out at one point or another, and I suggest that all of you potential buyers out there consider putting the Boulevard homes on your wishlist. The Boulevard homes are located in Santa Clara so if you are looking for someone to go with, please don’t hesitate to contact me! And for more information about Shea homes, go to their website.

Video Clip: The Low Down On…Low Down

Useful Advice For Buyers Out There


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