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When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Home?

Now or Later?

Over the past 22 years this is a very common question I’ve heard. A general assumption is that the spring is the ideal time. Because so many people have the same feeling, many owners decide to sell in the spring time. So we tend to get a lot more listings on the market, and more competition is not a good thing when selling a product. However many buyers also feel like the spring is a good time to buy. So the bottom line is when we get into the beginning of 2016, there will be both more sellers and more buyers. Said another way, the holiday season and winter have less buyers looking, but also less seller competition. Another factor is that many parts of the country have wicked snow and much colder temperatures which makes buying a home and moving less attractive. We don’t have the horrible winters here.

What tends to affect a good or bad time to sell is less the time of year and more the local and national economy. If the economy is booming, people are looking at homes. Another factor is interest rates. It’s pretty clear interest rates aren’t going to go any lower than their historic current bottom and that at some point soon they will be rising. When they do go up, affordability goes down, and the housing market is dampened.

Bottom line is if you’re planning on selling a property or have a friend or family member considering making a move, sell when it makes sense for your personal situation, not the time of year. Also, please don’t keep us a secret! Let us know when we can help those you know. For someone considering selling soon, we’re telling people that we know right now it’s still fully the best sellers market we’ve ever seen and interest rates are low. However, we didn’t always say now a good time. In the down market, we were spreading the word that it was only time to sell if you absolutely had to.

Here is our monthly report on what’s happening in our local realty market and attached another report:


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