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Downtown S.J. Is Growing!

What’s Going On Where?

You’ve probably noticed those giant cranes and loud noises coming from different construction sites downtown. If you aren’t incredibly in tune with what’s going on downtown, have no fear. We’ve got maps to show you what the current development projects are and where they’re taking place. It’s exciting for us to see first-hand how much Downtown San Jose has changed over the years. There’s a demand for places to live in our fine area and developers have been listening to this demand. Part of why there’s new construction is that overall, the real estate market has been improving since 2012. It’s a trend that hardly ever changes, but sometimes we forget to acknowledge it. Think of it this way: Good Real Estate Market = New Construction and Bad Real Estate Market = Little to No New Construction. Makes sense right?

As Silicon Valley continues to be the Tech Hub of the world, people will need places to live. You’re either going to rent or you’re going to buy. The home values in our area are one of the highest in the entire nation. People need places to live and not everyone can afford to purchase a $740k home (Median Sales Price last month in Santa Clara County). We’re running out of land so our best option is to build up. Typically, the first purchase that a buyer makes in our area is a condo/townhome. More often than not, they are more affordable than a single family home. Also, not everyone wants to mow a lawn and pull weeds on the weekends. Let’s face it, Silicon Valley is a fast-paced area where people are on the go and need everything done yesterday. Some buyers need a place to live that’s low-maintenance and in a location where they’re within walking distance to grocery stores, restaurants, bars, entertainment…etc.

Downtown San Jose is growing. No doubt about it. Our prediction is that it will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. We hope more and more retail stores are paying attention so that people don’t need to drive all the way to Valley Fair Mall or Santana Row to shop.

Thanks to San Jose Downtown Association, here are a couple maps that will help you get a good bearing on where construction is taking place:


Current Development Projects Thumbnail





Current Development Projects


DTSJ Map Thumbnail



Map of Downtown


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