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You might be wondering what’s been happening lately in our local real estate market. Silicon Valley has a history of huge spikes and steep downfalls when it comes to home values. Nevertheless, this area has overall become a desirable place to live. With professional sports teams, amazing restaurants, thousands of shops, great jobs, the opportunities have continued to drive people to this area. It’s been pretty incredible to see how the downtown area has evolved over time and the many plans to keep going forward. My business partner, Arvin Paredes, was given a brief amount of time on Channel 5 to share what our opinion is of the San Jose Market. The clip goes on to explain how buyers and renters are being effected by the current market.

Click on the following link to watch Channel 5’s piece about the San Jose Market:

What are your opinions about our current market? What direction do you think we are headed? I’d love to hear about it whether you are a seller, renter, or buyer. Feel free to contact me and share your thoughts!

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