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The Rumors Are Turning Into Serious Talks

View of Downtown San Jose

View of Downtown San Jose

Could it be? There has been talk for a while that a couple high rise apartments might be built in downtown San Jose. However, there was never confirmation that it would actually take place. If you think about the different factors involved, the idea of two more high rise apartments being built actually makes sense. Silicon Valley is a popular place to be for a variety of reasons; one being the fact that there’s something for everyone here. The weather is great, amazing restaurants are everywhere, job opportunities have attracted people from all over the world, and the beach isn’t too far away.

It’s expensive to live here and on top of it all, not everyone can afford to purchase a home. I always say that people either rent or they buy, and two more high rise apartments will enable more people to live in the middle of all the action in downtown San Jose. The four high rises: The 88, Axis, City Heights, and 360 Residences, are all noticeable landmarks of downtown. I hear people talking about wanting to live in one of these buildings all the time. Additional high rise apartments could make living in downtown San Jose more desirable and attractive. “City Living” isn’t for everyone, but most people who come here to look for career opportunities in the high tech industry or in the corporate world, don’t have a lot of time to maintain a garden. High rise living is low maintenance and convenient.

The San Jose Blog mentions that, “Tower #1 is rumored to be The Carlysle in San Pedro square right between the San Pedro Square Market and Axis…Tower #2 is right in the middle of Downtown on Santa Clara and Market. KT Properties is planning a $75 million, 22-story apartment building with 485 units.

What do you think of more high rises being built downtown? What impacts do you think they will have on our city? Leave a comment down below or shoot me an email with your thoughts. Cheers!

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