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Dine Downtown San Jose

Dine Downtown San Jose

As I was sipping on my espresso a couple of evenings ago in one of my favorite coffee shops, I came across an article in the “Silicon Valley Community Newspapers” written by Mary Gottschalk. The eye-catching title was, “Dine Downtown San Jose For Good Prices On Special Menus.” Because food is a popular topic and residents of the downtown San Jose community strive to know where the best meals are at the best prices (myself included), I couldn’t help but post a blog after reading this article.

So the reason for these special menus is that it’s actually the fourth annual Dine Downtown San Jose Restaurant Week. You might be thinking, “only a week?” Don’t stress because this is going to be taking place for approximately 2 weeks starting tomorrow until July 1.

The article goes on to say:“The premise is both simple and affordable restaurants offer three-course meals at a fixed price of $20, $30, $40, $50 or $70 per person. Drinks, tips and taxes are not included in the prices, but it’s still a good deal in most every case…Restaurants see the annual event as a chance to attract a new clientele and to remind patrons they are there, so the values at some restaurants are as high as $20 to $30 over the price-fixed charges, according to the sponsoring San Jose Downtown Association.”

I’m sure most of you know someone that would like to dine downtown San Jose for good prices on special menus. The annual event seems like a great thing to participate in since it only comes around once a year. You may find a new restaurant that you’re really into. Some of you may have already taken full advantage of the special offers that Dine Downtown San Jose has promoted.

Spread the word and let me know what you’re experiences are like. I’d love to hear all of the stories about the food, the services, and the great deals. Until then, have fun dining in downtown San Jose in the next couple weeks.

To view the participating restaurants and the special menu options, just go to

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