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Modern Ice

Modern IceA couple weeks ago, we showed this downtown San Jose condo complex to a buyer we’re working with. Modern Ice was built by Taylor Morrison, and there are even more town homes that are currently in the middle of construction within this complex. You’ll find a nice park in the center where you can let your dogs run around and/or bring your kids to play. Modern Ice is located at 652 Luna Park Drive San Jose, CA. 95112.

The great thing about these town home style condos is that they are FHA (Federal Housing Administration) approved. This means that through the government program, you can do low down as a buyer. However, the trick here is that the entire complex has to be FHA approved. This is only true if the units are “condo-ownership,”  which happens to be the case here. Compared to the amount of condo complexes in the Silicon Valley, there aren’t too many condo complexes that are FHA approved. Luckily for all of you buyers out there, the Modern Ice complex is FHA approved.

Do you have any questions about the FHA program or about this really cool complex? Please don’t hesitate to contact me and don’t forget to leave a comment down below with any of your thoughts. Onward!

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