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How Do You Prefer To Communicate With An Agent?

There are an incredible amount of ways to communicate with people these days.


You can email, call, send a Facebook message, or do what seems to be extremely popular, text. A survey was done to see what method of communication buyers preferred their agent to use to contact them. In addition, statistics were pulled up for the percent of agents that actually communicated with their client in that certain method. Here are the numbers:

Email: 73% buyers preferred this method, 70% of agents actually used this method

Telephone: 37% buyers preferred, 50% actual

Text Message: 32% buyers preferred, 1% actual

Twitter: 21% buyers preferred, 0% actual

Facebook: 14% buyers preferred, 0% actual

In-Person: 6% buyers preferred, 3% actual

What do you think about these statistics? Do you agree or disagree with these numbers? Leave a comment, and let me know your preferred method of communication is with an agent. Don’t forget to subscribe and have a Happy Holidays!

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