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Bank of America

Are you a homeowner who is lacking professional advice about the distressed situation you’re in? It’s easy to get quick little tips from

the person next door or from your hair stylist about what a short sale is versus a foreclosure. What isn’t easy is getting more than just general definitions of each route. The options, the process, and the consequences, of a major decision, are really what homeowners in distress care about.

I went to a short sale synergy group just yesterday, which had two people from Bank of America talk about the components of their short sale system. In addition, they shared a link and told us to share it with anyone we feel might find the information helpful. The website has an amazing amount of information on topics such as home loans, loan modifications, short sales, deed in lieu, and more. If you click on this link, you’ll gain an understanding of what these topics mean.

Every situation is different. If you would like to figure out what the best route for you to take is as a distressed homeowner, as well as learning the consequences of each route, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ve dealt with many of these situations throughout the longevity of my career and have always looked out for what’s best for my clients.

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