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Calif. Expected Home Price Recovery In 2012

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Home Prices Rising

In my 18 years as a Realtor, I’ve learned that it is almost impossible to predict human behavior. Another thing that’s extremely difficult to predict is this economy. Highly paid economists couldn’t even have predicted that our economy would alter into the current state that it’s in. However, I believe that because of how the market is today, economists are paying a lot more attention to the trends, the reasons for these trends, and what these trends mean for the future. If you haven’t read the article, “California Expected Home Price Recovery In 2012,” click here to do so. For me personally, I think that any article that says the market is improving is great. As far as these forecasts by UCLA economists go, we’ll see how they did in 2012.

After you read the article, let me know what you think in the comment box or feel free to pick up the phone and tell me. Did the article make you feel optimistic? Indifferent?

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