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Plant 51 Open House

Model Tours, Refreshments, and Food?

Count me in! Plant 51 has proved to be a building that many residents of Downtown San Jose has either seen or heard about. It has that urban vibe mixed with original parts of the cannery, which gives the complex a “cool” factor. I have a passion for being extremely knowledgeable about condos and townhomes downtown, so you can bet I’m going to be there.

Plant 51 logo

Plant 51

The Plant 51 open house will occur on November 6 from 12-3pm. I’m going to encourage all of you to attend and get a flavor of what it’s like living in this particular building. If you are going, contact me and let me know! It should be a good time, and I can also answer any questions you might have about condos, townhomes, neighborhoods…etc. that are nearby. Oh and if you already didn’t know, Plant 51 is located at 734 The Alameda. See you there!

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