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Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights

Halloween Weekend Is Approaching!

By now, most of you have probably decided what your plans are for this coming weekend. Pumpkins have been carved and the seeds have been baked with seasoning. You are probably making some last minute costume decisions while walking by multiple options at the nearest Spirit Store.

As far as Halloween events go, I’ve been hearing mixed attitudes about the annual Halloween event that happens in Great America. However, one event that seems worth going to that I recently found out about, is the Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights event.

winchester mystery house

I have been here on a couple day tours throughout my life and seem to always have really high expectations. Even though I’ve gotten a little down about my experiences here, I feel like this mystery house would be at its true potential during Halloween. The maze, the costumes, and the house itself would be enough to create an event worth going to. Whoever did their website should get a pat on the back because it looks awesome. Check out the Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights website where you can also buy tickets.

What are your plans this Halloween weekend? Anything fun that I should spread the word about? Leave a comment down below!

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