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Do you ever come across information about new technology on the web, or through a friend, where you feel completely amazed at how far we’ve come along? I feel like this at least once a week because the fact of the matter is, technological advances are made daily. Living in Silicon Valley means that most people are aware of the newest gadget and its capabilities. If you take a look at the Smartphonesyounger generations, their first phone is more than likely a touch-screen smartphone. The crazy thing about it is, in the future, they’re never going to be able to grasp the idea that cell phones didn’t start out with a touch-screen. I can ramble about this topic all day, but all that it’s going to do is get me thinking and starting sentences with, “back in my day…”

What this post is really about is how much technology has made life a little easier. If you’ve ever been interested in the history of downtown and want to avoid being in a large tour group, you can now do a tour of downtown on your own time. But how? If your first thought was, “through my smartphone,”  then you are absolutely correct! All you have to do is go to on your smartphone or tablet, and you can choose from 3 different, self-guided, and interactive tours. Pretty cool huh? Try it out on a nice and lazy Sunday afternoon. I know I will.

What do you think of the rapid technological growth this world has been experiencing? Is there a new app that you think is cool enough to share? Leave a comment down below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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