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Life Expectancy In San Jose

How do you think our fine city of San Jose ranks in terms of life expectancy in America?


Well it seems that out of any major American city, San Jose has the longest life expectancy.In this specific area of California,  the average age for men to live until is 79.2 years old, while the average age for women to live until is 82.9 years old. What do you think has helped us to be ranked number one? Is it because San Jose has turned into a place that promotes being healthy and active? I will say that at least once a day, whether I’m at the grocery store or the local coffee shop, people seem to mention the new diet they’re on or the new workout routine they do at 5 a.m. Living a health-conscious lifestyle has definitely gotten popular in the last few years. Then again, maybe people have just become more vocal about it.

Any ideas on why the citizens of San Jose have a long life expectancy? Read the full article here and leave a comment below on your thoughts. In any case, give yourselves a pat on the back  for living a long time San Jose!

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