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Lobster Rolls, Fish Tacos, Clam Chowder….

Have I Caught Your Attention?

Sam’s Chowder Mobile was parked at 111 W St. John from 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. today. If you’ve never heard of them then you’re missing out! Little did I know that getting there ten minutes early would put me behind at least 20 people. I found out about them by following their twitter which gave me a heads up about their appearance downtown today. My advice is do not miss them the next time they are parked near where you are. sam's chowderCome back soon chowder mobile!


I love hearing about people’s experiences with these traveling food trucks. Let me know a few of your favorites and what you thought about Sam’s Chowder Mobile by leaving a comment down below. Thanks!

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