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Curious As To Who Pays What Closing Costs?

I’ve helped many people both clients and non-clients with a variety of questions they’ve had. One question is who pays for closing costs? Sometimes they don’t ask this question because let’s face it, during the midst of finding their dream home, they have so many things running through their mind that they forget. Hopefully this will help you as a buyer, seller, agent, or anyone for that matter to have the ability to answer this question with ease.

Depending on the county, closing costs for a real estate transaction must be paid either by the buyer, the seller, or both. It’s important as a party in a transaction to be well aware of who pays for what. By clicking here, you can find out these exact details for every county in California. For example, if you are purchasing the perfect condo downtown, as a buyer you should know that the seller pays for a majority of the closing costs.  Purchasing a home is, for most people, the biggest transaction they will have made in their entire life, and this gem of a document shows exactly who pays for what in closing costs. Don’t forget to Subscribe!

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