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When Was The Last Time You Heard Buon Appetito?

Looking For A Delicious Italian Meal?


Look no further! Paesano Ristorante Italiano is a unique little Italian restaurant located at 350 West Julian #1. This is the perfect place to bring a date if you’re looking for a romantic dining experience. Inside this little gem of a restaurant contains a bar that yells, “have a glass of wine and watch some soccer while you’re at it!” The interior design can be best described as modern meeting simplicity in a very tasteful way. Not only is there a sufficient amount of seating indoors, there is also an outdoor patio on the side of the restaurant. Away from all the inside noise, the patio creates that warm and fuzzy feeling that people love to have when dining out with their significant other. Or is this just me? In any case, the grape vines above this area adds a nice touch. I chose to have the gnocchi which was absolutely delicious and definitely a must try. Have I convinced you enough to get a small taste of Italia here? Leave a comment if you’ve tried this place, and don’t be shy to share your thoughts about it. Just like our server said before we took our first bite, “buon appetito!”

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