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Do You Recognize These 6 Warning Signs That You Should Move Up From Condo Living?

Eventually people are going to realize that downtown condo living just isn’t cutting it anymore. This of course doesn’t apply to all condo owners but definitely a good number of them. So how do you know if it’s your time to move up? Well if the answer isn’t clear then perhaps these 6 warning signs might prove to be a little helpful.

1) Family

If you and your spouse are talking about having kids or if you already have a couple, this could be a sign that your family needs more space.

2) Noise

Complexes downtown are bound to be around a lot of noise. Maybe this is the reason you moved downtown in the first place. Who could blame you? There’s a lot of action, cars constantly whizzing by, and flashing lights. It’s not uncommon to get used to this atmosphere, and yet it wouldn’t be uncommon to want to get away from it all.

3) People

Okay, this might go hand-in-hand with noise, but still a different sign of its own. You may grow tired of bumping into people as you walk through your complex after a long day of work. Seriously, who wants to deal with a chatterbox after a 9 hour work day that probably included many talkative people anyways. Condos downtown are generally located in convenient locations resulting in driving people toward your area. In one of my previous blogs, I mentioned that the social aspect of living downtown in a condo could be attractive. In my experience, people’s idea of desirability changes over time so don’t be surprised if yours does too.

4) Distance to your unit from your parking spot

Picture this. You’ve just gone grocery shopping for a get-together you’re having that takes place tonight. Your significant other isn’t getting home for another couple hours and has depended on you to get the food, the drinks, the games…etc. Fantastic! After the shopping is all finished, you have to get everything to your unit which happens to be on the third floor. Not only do you have to transport everything from your car, you have to get to the elevator, get down the hallway…well you get the picture. Unless you are amazing at carrying grocery bags, don’t forget about the second or third trip you might have to take. I bet a spacious 2 car-garage connected to your kitchen is sounding real good right about now.

5) Time

You might find yourself in a situation where getting to your nearest Target is essential. But why in the heck is it taking you 20 minutes and a whole lot of hassle when it should realistically take you about 10? It could be the one-way streets or the crazy downtown drivers or even the setting up of an annual festival.

6) Income Goes Up

Finally. You’ve gotten that raise at work that you’ve been working so hard for. If you can afford a bigger place now, why not do it? If you are in a position where you can afford a Porsche easily, why stick with just a Civic? And don’t tell me because of the gas mileage.

In all seriousness, I’m not trying to push anyone from moving out of their downtown condo/townhome. It’s a great community that offers many opportunities. If you take advantage of what’s around you here, it’s tough to get bored. There seems to always be a new restaurant that I haven’t been to that people are buzzing about. Every time the Sharks play at home, the streets are filled with people wearing their teal and black. Don’t forget, if you do decide to move up, there are many wonderful neighborhoods downtown that are worth more than just exploring.

If you find yourself noticing these 6 signs and think it’s time for a change, contact me through phone or email so I can better understand your situation as well as your needs. Have something to add to this blog? Feel free to leave a comment down below!

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