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If You Haven’t Had Your Espresso Or Drip Coffee In Any Of These Three Cafes, Then You’re Not Awake

Love Coffee? Here’s a couple places you may or may not know about.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea is a company that seems to be expanding even throughout this recession. Peet’s has stayed predominantly on the west coast and downtown San Jose is fortunate to have one at 66 W. Santa Clara Street. You won’t find any light roasts here but you will find roasts that are strong, bold, and full-bodied. If you like the sound of classical music as well the taste of coffee with substance, this is the place to be.

Caffe Trieste is another shop that is worth visiting more than once. This spot is located at 315 S 1st St. You might get a sense of Italian Pride here partly because of the soccer jerseys and maps of northern Italy hanging on the walls. Espresso in this cafe is smooth and contains a tasteful balance in terms of acidity. Trieste has a little outdoor seating area next to the street adding to the laid back Italian vibe.

A place that you will hear people talk about is Philz Coffee. This is a unique place and especially popular with the college crowd. However, one down side is that they don’t have espresso. They make up for this through hand-crafted, by the cup, delicious drip coffee. Although this is not your typical coffee shop, it brings something valuable to the table, originality and spunk. Philz is located at 118 Paseo de san Antonio.

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