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5 Reasons Why Condo/Townhome Living Is Desirable

5 Reasons To Live In San Jose COndo/TownhomesThere is an incredible amount of reasons why condo/townhome living is more attractive than for example, living in a house. It would be impossible to name them all especially since everyone has their own personal opinions. However, I believe that most people can agree on these five reasons of why condo/townhome living is truly desirable.

1) Little To No Maintenace

First off, there is very little to no maintenance that need to be taken care of such as mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, checking the PH level for your pool…etc. Maintenance consists of two things, time and hassle. If you live in a condo or a townhome, you won’t have to go through the trouble of asking your friends and neighbors who the most trustworthy plumber is at the best price. Typically there is an on-site handyman that you won’t have to micro manage when he/she is making the repairs in your unit.

2) Shared Amenities

Secondly, there are shared amenities. Depending on the complex you live in, you may not have to drive to the gym because you might possibly have one below you or within walking distance in the complex.

3) Social Environment

The third reason is a result of the second. These shared amenities create a more social environment. When living in an residential neighborhood, it’s natural to feel a sense of community. But when taking advantage of all the shared communities in a complex, you are bound to run into the same people. Living in the same condo building as someone else that you see quite often creates a stronger sense of living in a community as well as comfort.

4) Security

Reason number four is security. Most complexes have a front door that requires a key just to get into the building. Then a separate key is needed to get into the unit. This makes it a little more difficult for an intruder if he/she were to try to sneak in and walk out with a 60″ flat screen t.v., especially without being noticed by others.

5) Location, Location Location

Finally, most complexes are located in more convenient locations. Living in a condo/townhome in downtown San Jose makes getting to your favorite spots such as the coffee shop around the corner or the comedy club down the street a whole lot easier.

I know I haven’t covered all the reasons so why is living in a condo/townhome beneficial to you?  Leave a comment below, would love to hear from you.

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